5 Excellent Anxiety Blogs – A Must Read

A little anxiety is completely normal and it can even be beneficial. Anxiety over a test prompts you to study harder and it can help you accomplish your goals. Too much anxiety however, can become debilitating or even paralyzing. It can lead you to lose focus on life’s most enjoyable thins, such as meeting new people and trying new things. No matter how mild or severe your anxiety is, there are many people just like you. Blogs that allow sufferers to share their own experiences and learn from the experiences of others are a very useful tool in overcoming anxiety. We’ve found 5 excellent anxiety blogs that have a wealth of information to share.

Overcoming Social Anxiety

OSA is a wonderful blog that touches on a wide variety of the difficulties of living with social anxiety. From talking to others about your disorder to the latest breakthroughs in treatment, Overcoming Social Anxiety covers it all. Anxiety can involve a mixture of emotions and the well thought out posts offer comfort in the fact that there are people who understand your feelings exactly.

Positively Positive

This blog is aptly named because it focuses on positive thinking to overcome anxiety issues. Filled with inspirational quotes, Positively Positive adds coping tips, ways in which you can challenge yourself, and advice for overcoming the hurdles that seem to be part of everyday life, with or without an anxiety disorder. All in all, this blog is well worth a second look.

Social Anxiety Disorder

Social Anxiety Disorder is a great blog for helping people who want to help themselves. Knowing that social anxiety disorder can at times affect the quality of your life, the blog focuses on teaching the skills needed to cope with the disorder. There are a vast number of posts that provide the knowledge needed to deal with everyday situations as they arise.

Time to Change Anxiety Disorders

Time to Change deals with many mental disorders, but the anxiety blog is one of the highlights of the site. The blog posts are by individuals about their personal experiences with anxiety. The open talk model is geared toward increasing understanding of mental health disorders, ending discrimination, and breaking the stereotypes that surround anxiety as well as many other disorders. For anyone who as ever thought that they were the only one was experiencing difficulties, this is the perfect blog to turn to for inspiration and understanding.

Anxiety-Schmanxiety Blog

Providing an amazing amount of information and insight into anxiety in today’s society, Anxiety-Schmanxiety offers self- help tips, advice, and inspiration mixed in with a healthy dose of understanding. Rather than just addressing the symptoms and how to cope, this blog addresses the issues that may cause a particular symptom or set of symptoms. From finding ways to combat anxiety to overcoming the sense of guilt that sometimes accompanies it, this all -encompassing blog has something special to offer.


One of the most distressing aspects of any mental disorder is that the sufferer often feels isolated. Those who suffer from anxiety may experience this feeling more strongly than most. Blog sites offer a way for anxiety sufferers to reach out and connect with others who may be experiencing similar feelings and connecting with others is often a first, and crucial, step to overcoming anxiety.

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