The 5 Best Autism Blogs for Sufferers, Caregivers, and Families

Autism can be a difficult condition to deal with, but it is not one that is totally unmanageable. Even though autism can make it hard for sufferers to form and maintain relationships, and communicate with those around them, there are a number of approaches for sufferers and their loved ones that can make things easier. The following blogs are the best online resources, all of which can help to deal with autism within your family.

The Autism Learning Felt Blog

This blog is a great resource for parents and caregivers with autistic children. Not only does it promote the understanding of autism, but it also provides strategies and activities that can help to create bonds with autistic children. There are resources for children and their families and even fun things like recipes which can be therapeutic for autistic children. It’s an invaluable resource for understanding autism during one of the most difficult developmental phases.

Autism Speaks

This blog has a fairly unique approach in that many of the stories presented are written by those who have been directly impacted by autism in their family. This makes it a great resource, especially for anyone that feels isolated or alone when coping with autism, or when living with a loved one who suffers from autism. It’s an excellent place to begin research, and it can also help to connect you with others in your community that are dealing with autism.

Confessions of an Asperger’s Mom

No matter how alone you might feel in dealing with a child with autism, the truth is that there are millions of parents around the world, with the same challenges, doubts, and fears that you are feeling. If you want to provide the best for your child, then you will need help from others that are in your position. This website is an excellent resource that not only helps to educate you about autism, but it can help you to understand that there are mechanisms to cope with an autistic child, and you’re not alone in your struggle.

Michelle Sutton Writes

Michelle is well suited to provide support and advice regarding autism, specifically because she herself has lived with the condition all of her life. She has been an educator and has studied psychology, which means that she can provide unique viewpoints on autism in individuals, and how it can affect families. Michelle provides an excellent learning resources made up of blogs infographics, and a Q&A section for new readers.

Autism Daddy Blog

Another excellent resource for parents, especially for fathers who feel that many of the support sites don’t directly cater to their needs or feelings. Autism Daddy is a great resource for autism related news, along with blog type articles, and the personal experiences of a father who cares for a 12-year-old son who suffers from autism and epilepsy.

Autism is not just suffered by those who are diagnosed with the condition. Within a family everyone is affected. These blogs help to maintain perspective while developing new strategies to help normalize life for an autistic child and family. If you’re interested in mental health self-help courses that take a structured approach to treatment and recovery, be sure to visit Open Forest online.

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