5 Tips to Deal with Fear of Flying

Flight anxiety or the fear of flying is something that a lot of travelers are faced with every day. Like most phobias, the person who exhibits it is usually aware that it is an irrational fear, given that fact it is no less debilitating. The fear of flying is a complicated issue because it can stem from many different fears (fear of enclosed spaces, fear of heights, etc.) no matter what the cause of the fear, controlling it is a necessity in the world we live in, where travel by air is a regular occurrence.

Tips to deal with fear of flying

Thankfully there are some things that you can do to limit the anxiety you experience when faced with the need to fly.

  1. Limit your caffeine – caffeine is a stimulant, not only affecting your muscles but also your brain. If consumed by an already anxious person, caffeine can have detrimental effects, it can worsen the fear and anxiety.
  2. Keep your mind occupied – often times the fear of flying is only exacerbated by the person dwelling on it. Load up your MP3 player with music or take your favorite book. Having something to do on the flight will allow you to remain calm and not dwell on the fear you are feeling.
  3. Ask for a seat near the front of the plane – turbulence is often one of the major causes for someone being afraid during the flight. Knowing this most airlines are willing to accommodate people with flight anxiety by seating them towards the front (where the turbulence is much less severe). It is important that you keep in mind though that turbulence is just like a bump in the road while driving; there is nothing to worry about.
  4. Limit your exposure to “gory details” – researching plane crashes or following the latest tragedy is not going to do anything but worsen your fear of flying. If flying already makes you uncomfortable it is best to avoid that kind of information.
  5. Control your breathing – if you are able to focus your mind on regulating your breathing (which often has calming effects on the body) you are going to be able to control your anxiety better.

Flying is inherently safe

These are just a few of the things you can do to control your fear of flying. Remember there is no need to be afraid; flying is safe (in many ways safer than driving). Accidents do happen but they are exceedingly rare, especially these days when the aircraft are equipped with every failsafe and safety feature possible.

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