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Getting help to get sober and stay sober can be a confusing process. Many people aren’t aware of the different types of treatment programs available. Many people only know of Al-Anon and in-patient rehab centers. These only scratch the surface of what is available. No matter how good a program may be, it helps to have other sources of information about not only the triumph of getting sober but also the daily struggles to stay sober. The 4 blogs here will give you both information on various treatment options and a perspective on day to day life after drinking from those who have been there.

The High-Functioning Alcoholic

Not all alcoholics are obvious in the impairment their drinking causes. Some of them are high functioning alcoholics. This group is often overlooked, not only by others, including treatment programs but also by themselves. They reason that they don’t have a drinking problem because they still manage their jobs and relationships without any problem. Or so they think. These alcoholics not only need help to get sober but need help in recognizing that they do have a drinking problem. Psychology Today has a blog section that helps people understand high function alcoholism and gives information on treatment options.

I’m Just F.I.N.E.

Need to know what recovery through AA is like? The blog called “I’m Just Fine” is excellent to learn more about Al-Anon and the process of recovery through their program. This blog isn’t about the program itself. It is about the person experiences of the blog writer getting by day by day as he works the program toward sobriety. Finding information on the program itself is not difficult but you need to read this blog to learn about a person’s daily struggles and triumphs as they learn how to live sober.

Sober in 100 Days

This blog by Bren Murphy called Sober in 100 Days is different from most blogs about drinking problems and recovering from them. He had been a recovery advocate but is now a personal coach who helps alcoholics recover. He not only posts text blogs but also has live webinars. His philosophy about recovery is based on the premise that people decide to drink or not drink for reasons of their own and will not stop drinking simply because of what someone tells them. As a personal coach, he makes a close personal connection to people so they are more likely to be influenced by him.


Unpickled is a unique blog that gives those in recovery hope that not only can life be good without drinking, it can be better. Through this blog, recovering alcoholics learn that some activities can be easier and more enjoyable than when they used to drink while doing those same activities. The writer relates a story of a trip to Las Vegas for a wedding and it occurred to her that spending some time on “The Strip” could be easier sober than when she was drinking. She was right. She enjoyed the trip immensely. Now you know you can do the same and each time, you will be more motivated to stay sober.

Whether you are just beginning treatment for problem drinking or have been in treatment for a while, Open Forest can help your success in getting and staying sober. Read the blogs reviewed here and go to Open Forest to check out the additional help they offer. It isn’t an easy road but the help available to you can make it a little easier and give you more hope for a better future without alcohol.

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