One of the most frustrating things about being bipolar is feeling like no one understands you. You may not even understand yourself much of the time. It helps to get support from others who struggle with the condition so you don’t feel all alone. A great way to connect with others who can empathize with your struggle is to follow blogs written by fellow bipolar sufferers or the people who care for them. With that in mind, here are four great blogs you’ll want to visit.

Bipolar Beat

Bipolar Beat is a blog hosted by the notable Psych Central website, which is one of the largest sites on the net devoted to various mental health issues. The section devoted to bipolar disorder contains many helpful articles written by psychiatrist Candida Fink, who specializes in the treatment of pediatric bipolar disorder, and Joe Kraynak, whose wife struggles with the condition. In addition to reading articles that discuss living with and managing bipolar disorder, you’ll also be inspired by stories about the struggles and triumphs of others with the condition.

The Bipolar Blogger Network

The Bipolar Blogger Network is actually a collection of blog posts from individual bipolar bloggers. It is a great site for meeting others with the condition and reading about how they handle daily life. The posts appear on the network website, and there is also a list of each contributing blog so you can follow your favorite writers more closely. If you want to take a break from clinical articles about treatment and management, this is a great place to start. You’ll probably recognize yourself as the bloggers talk about their triggers, manic episodes, and depressive states. Most blogs allow comments, so you can make friends and share your own experiences as well.

Bipolar Happens

Julie Fast is the creator of the blog Bipolar Happens. Fast was diagnosed with bipolar disorder in 1995, and has gone on to become an expert in the management of the disorder. She is a best selling author of several books on bipolar, and she has developed her own treatment method for dealing with the condition. Her blog is packed with informative articles that can help you deal with anxiety, depression, workplace issues, relationships, and other aspects of daily life that can be a struggle when you have bipolar disorder.

Bipolar 1 Blog

Bipolar 1 Blog is written by a molecular biologist who has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder type 1. In addition, she has family members suffering with the condition, so she has a lot of experience with how the disorder affects loved ones. Her blog is a glimpse into her personal life, and her emotional ups and downs. In addition, she also updates her blog with the latest information on bipolar research, so it is a great blog to follow to keep up with the latest findings and advancements in the field.

Bipolar disorder is often like walking through a minefield. A trigger can send you into deep despair or a manic frenzy. The more you know about your condition through self-testing, research, and talking with your doctor, the more control you’ll have over your situation. Connecting with kindred spirits who truly understand how you feel, and who are non-judgmental about your thoughts and behaviors, is also therapeutic and fun. So grab a cup of coffee, get comfy, and start reading one of the top bipolar blogs listed above.

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