4 Essential Obesity and Eating Disorder Blogs

Eating disorders can be complex, and sometimes difficult to understand. Whether you suffer from an eating disorder and associated health problems, or you know somebody else that is suffering, it will be the information that you have that allows for the best treatment and recovery. Online resources are highly valuable when dealing with any eating disorder, as they provide possible underlying reasons for the development of disorders, and many also share strategies to manage and overcome these disorders.

These are four of the best blogs from around the web that can help you to address your own problem, or give you the information that you need to provide support for somebody that you care about.

Adios Barbie – An Excellent Body Image Resource

There are many cases where eating disorders are caused by low self-esteem and issues with body image. Adios Barbie is an excellent and balanced blog that has some of the best articles on body confidence, disorders, and current body issues in the media and society. Articles are excellently written and easy to follow, and it’s a site that will appeal to all audience, from teens, all the way to mature readers. Anybody struggling with a disorder or body image problem should keep this site bookmarked.

The Binge Eating Disorder Association Blog

Binge eating can be just as dangerous as fasting or undereating, and like any eating disorder, it is a condition that needs to be addressed and recovered from. This blog looks at different treatment options, the causes of binge eating, while also providing articles based on real stories of recovery. It’s an inspirational site for anyone who suffers from a binge eating disorder, and many of the insights and treatment techniques are great introductions for self-help or managed treatment.

Eating Disorder Blogs

This site is a combination of editorial and guest blogs from highly qualified medical professionals. Whereas some blog sites can leave you guessing what the source is for the advice and material, this blog instils an additional level of confidence, as much of the content is based on proven medical knowledge and real life case studies. The site includes a daily featured post, along with regular high quality articles with topics ranging from alternative treatments, to the psychological causes of eating disorders.

The Eating Disorder Hope Blog

This blog offers a wide ranging perspective covering eating disorders, their causes, and popular and emerging treatments. Many of the articles are based on recent discoveries and news stories, which means that you will find articles on conditions that are still being researched, or that are only just being classified. One example would be some of the articles that focus on alcohol related eating disorders, an emerging problem with younger adults and university students. Articles are based on factual evidence and studies, and many are written by leading medical professionals.

These four blogs provide excellent reading, inspiration, and factual evidence/treatment suggestions for a wide range of eating disorders. If you want to learn more about disorders and mental health problems, check out the self-help courses at Open Forest.

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