ADHD Video: Meet Mike, Mia, and the kids.

Meet Mike, Mia, and the kids. Mike is a busy guy.

Mike and the kids have attention deficit disorder. If Mia would not be there to structure his life, Mike would not be able to be so succesful.

At times though, their interaction is not healthy for their relationship.

Then their primary care physician points them to, the home of scientifically sound, easy to use modules to get the best out of yourself.

They enroll in an eight session online self help module at Mike loves the Web 2.0 skills oriented approach. Mia likes that it helps her to become more educated about Attention Deficit Disorder and how it affects those who struggle with it Рand their families. 

And now it is your turn! Take control over your life! Enroll now! Self Help Made Easy.

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