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21-Day Mental Wellness Challenge InfographicSometimes, we just feel run-down and struggle to recover from the day-to-day stresses and demands of life. Although it is nothing to be overly concerned about, we owe it to ourselves and others who depend on us to fulfill our potential with enthusiasm and happiness. Research has shown that the ability to have compassion has a lot to do with our own satisfaction and how we interact with other people. Although compassion is often thought how we treat everyone else, it is rooted in Self-views and self-care. In short, the ability to have an understanding and care for others start with the self! This 21-day mental wellness challenge has the objective to look after your body and mind by detoxing, recentering and refueling all the energy and senses.

Compassion starts with the self

To have the ability and willingness to actively participate in others’ care and support, we need to consciously and consistently make time to treat ourselves as well. Otherwise, without the energy and calmness, we could soon show signs of fatigue that will not improve unless we do something proactively. The 21-day mental wellness program is designed to help you do just that. By mixing reflection, relaxation, physical, leisurely, and other activities, one each day, the optimal combination is achieved to revitalize yourself.

Week 1

In the first week, you will do some journal exercises, take a walk outside, have a long bubble bath, organize your space, take a break from social media, and reflect on your short-term goals. Remember to make those specific and measurable. You don’t want to be vague and unsure whether you have accomplished them or not.

Week 2

In the second week, you will continue to slow down at times each day, taking time to enjoy the sunset, read something you value, and each lunch outside. Make time to send an encouraging text to at least five people, and unsubscribe from unnecessary email lists. This will also help to save you time in the future that can be better spent on other activities.

Week 3

In the third and final week, you will have coffee with a friend, plan a special breakfast, do one thing you’ve been putting off, and develop at least one of your skill-sets. Try to go an entire day without complaining and practice mindfulness by focusing on something that you are busy doing right at that moment without getting distracted or allowing your mind to wander off.

Go on then, accept the challenge!

After the 21 days, you will probably find that you have enjoyed most of the “tasks” so much that you want to make them a habit. That is ideal as they will continue to help you to relax and interact better with others!

Infographic originally posted by Brittney Moses

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