11 Habits That Can Absolutely Transform Your Productivity

By Lucy Benton, Writing Coach and Editor – 

Ever find yourself thinking about how unproductive you are even though you have a myriad of devices that are supposed to increase or transform your productivity? Well, while the reasons for that are numerous, the main source of the problem is often the same.

Unwillingness to change and improve.

Nothing sabotages personal productivity like an unwillingness to change and adopt new habits that improve performance. It gives birth to bad habits that make you less creative and undermine your self-control, which, in turn, makes you less happy in both personal and professional lives.

It makes you stick to your comfort zone and ignore the real productivity killers and distraction sources that make you work overtime and make you less happy.

The sad truth is that unwillingness to work on personal productivity may not seem like such a big deal. However, it creeps up on you slowly until you realize that you have to do more to get your creative juices flowing and have a hard time with getting yourself together to finish a task that you used to complete quickly.

This is where self-discipline comes in.

It’s your main weapon against laziness because it keeps you focused on things that matter – work tasks, personal errands, etc. – even despite your unwillingness to do them.

To maximize the benefits from being self-disciplined, however, you need to consider adopting some habits that help to ensure high productivity and a lack of distractions. They include simple habits like avoiding social media surfing to more complex one like spending only 20 percent of your work day to complete the most important tasks.

To help you with exploring these habits, we’ll turn to the below infographic, courtesy of Assignment Helper. It lists eleven simple techniques that are known to increase productivity while decreasing the time needed to complete professional tasks.

It’s a quick but interesting read on simple habits that can help you to transform your productivity, backed up by scientific evidence and interesting facts. After reading, you’ll know what small bad habits you’ll need to break to avoid sabotaging your career and personal productivity. Also, you’ll find tips for creating a plan for being organized and self-disciplined so you learn the basics of attention and time management and make them work for you.

It even has some tips for a better night’s sleep for better productivity, so you’ll definitely learn something you can do to start changing and improving your productivity. Enjoy the reading!

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