10 signs that you’re in an unhealthy relationship

Relationships are a two-way street, of that there is little doubt. Any healthy relationship is going to run across difficult times now and again. That is perfectly normal. Keeping that in mind, being in an unhealthy relationship can be detrimental to not only yourself but others that you love, like your children or even your extended family. Unhealthy relationships breed stress and discord, which are two things no family needs an excess of. That is not even mentioning the fact that your partner is likely just as unhappy as you. Whether you decide to work out the discord within your relationship or not, there are some warning signs of an unhealthy relationship that you should be on the lookout for.

Warning signs

  1. When you and your partner stop turning to each other for emotional support. But instead turn to external sources for comfort and support.
  2. When you or your partner intentionally begins separating themselves from family and mutual friends. Never wanting to spend time together.
  3. If there is a loss of mutual respect. Such as when someone says “no” or “I would rather you didn’t” and the other does it anyway.
  4. If you or your partner begins belittling the other on a regular basis, or even at all in a truly hurtful manner. Particularly harmful is when you or your partner belittles the others intelligence.
  5. When you or your partner is dismissive of the others emotional state (loss of empathy). No longer caring how the other feels is devastating to a relationship.
  6. A lack of security or stability, i.e. on again off again relationships, or constant threat of separation.
  7. When you or your partner blames the other for the lack of success or improvement in their life. This is often a sign of resentment and will seriously undermine the relationship.
  8. If your partner seems to avoid coming home, preferring to spend his/her time with others over you.
  9. If you repeated catch your partner lying to you. Or if you find yourself constantly lying to them.
  10. Violence, whether physical or emotional.

Trust is lost

Let’s take a second to expand on number ten. Relationships are all about trust and compassion. Each time violence enters a relationship whether physical or verbal in nature trust is lost. You and your partner begin to no longer feel safe around each other. Left unchecked violence (or abuse) will very quickly deteriorate any relationship (even if it is otherwise healthy).

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