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Wild young ladies celebrating life and ADHD

Coping with ADHD

A course for people suffering from ADHD. This course has also shown to be very beneficial for partners and parents from people with ADHD.

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Dealing with Depression

An eight week, online, easy to use self help program based on the principles of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

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Everyday Mindfulness Course

In this course you will be learning about and practicing mindfulness through 14 consecutive, daily sessions.

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Alcohol Screening Test

Problem Drinking

This self help module helps adults with drinking problems to acquire the knowledge and skills to deal better with their symptoms. The module has also shown to be very helpful for partners and parents to support those dealing with drinking problems.

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Do you suffer from general anxiety?

Do you frequently feel nervous, can't stop worrying, have trouble relaxing, and are easily irritated and annoyed? Find out what your general anxiety level is with this short 1-minute test.

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Beautiful young woman taking selfie in the city

Are you a narcissist?

Do you crave admiration and attention? Are you sometimes manipulative, impulsive, and easy to anger? Does it hurt your relationships? You may have narcissistic features. Take this 3-minute test and find out.

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Happy Relationship

Are you compassionate?

Having compassion means to feel moved by suffering and offer care and understanding to alleviate hardship. It is linked to self-kindness, acceptance, and nonjudgment. Test your self-compassion in 3 minutes.

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Woman Alone

How to Spot and Break Free from an Unhealthy Relationship

Here are ten signs to know if you are in an unhealthy relationship, which is the first step to set up a plan, ask for help from others, and trust yourself. People in unhealthy relationships are often in denial and hope against the odds that things will improve, but by accepting that you are not to blame and putting a doable plan in motion, the unhealthy situation can stop.

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Happy Children Eating

The High Cost of ADHD Pseudoscience

ADHD pseudoscience often creates the wrong type of hype that does not help people, especially children, affected by the condition. Here are a few ideas about the science and what not to do or believe.

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War Veterans Female Soldier

Preventing Suicidal Actions Among Iraq or Afghanistan War Veterans

When war veterans return home they are under tremendous strain, not only because of the trauma of combat but to adjust to life at home. More needs to be done to prevent suicidal actions. Here are six brief ideas that may help.

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