Here are links to a couple of pages on my website that I hope you'll find helpful. Whenever news comes up I add content to them, so make sure to check them out regularly.

  1. The first page is all about EMDR, or Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing. EMDR is a type of therapy that is commonly used to treat trauma, anxiety, and depression. On this page, you'll find articles that explain what EMDR is, how it works, and what to expect during a session. You'll also learn about the benefits of EMDR and how it can help improve your mental health.

  2. The second page is all about ACT, or Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. ACT is a type of therapy that focuses on mindfulness, acceptance, and values-based living. On this page, you'll find articles that explain what ACT is, how it works, and what to expect during a session. You'll also learn about the benefits of ACT and how it can help you live a more fulfilling life.

  3. The third page is all about executive coaching. Executive coaching is a type of coaching that is specifically designed for professionals who want to improve their leadership skills, communication skills, and overall performance. On this page, you'll find articles that explain what executive coaching is, how it works, and what to expect during a coaching session. You'll also learn about the benefits of executive coaching and how it can help you reach your professional goals.

  4. The fourth page is all about the EMDR experience from the perspective of my clients. On this page, you'll find client vignettes that describe their personal journeys and experiences with EMDR. These vignettes provide real-world examples of how EMDR can help people overcome trauma, anxiety, and other mental health concerns. Reading about other people's experiences with EMDR can help you understand the process better and prepare you for what to expect during and after a session. 

Blog posts

If you're interested in learning more about my professional background and how I work as an online psychiatrist, I invite you to check out this "About Me" page. I've included a number of articles that talk about my background, clinical experience, and the specific areas of mental health and executive coaching for business professionals that I specialize in.

One thing you'll notice is that I use a variety of treatment modalities in my practice, including EMDR, ACT, and positive psychology. I've explained what each of these approaches is and how they can be used to help with different mental health concerns.

One of the things that I'm really excited about is the fact that I work exclusively online. This allows me to be more flexible and convenient for my patients, and it eliminates a lot of the barriers that can prevent people from accessing mental health care. Plus, it provides a level of anonymity that some people really appreciate.

So if you're interested in learning more about me and the work I do, please check out my blog posts. And if you have any questions or just want to say hi, don't hesitate to reach out!

Michiel Bosman MD

Consultant Psychiatrist & Executive Coach

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14 February 2023
As a psychiatrist, I have had the privilege of helping many successful individuals who are looking for ways to improve their mental health and wellbeing. Today, I would like to
15 December 2022
The importance of a good mental health online resource is undisputed. It is widely accessible, free or low cost, and usually easy to use. Together with an incredible amount of

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EMDR, or "Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing," is often used to help people who have experienced traumatic events.


EMDR makes use of eye movements to help "decompress" trauma-related memories and enable a person to think about the experience in a different way. Instead of eye movements, we can also use other bilateral alternating stimuli. I usually ask you to tap your own shoulders or legs. Tapping the shoulders is often called the butterfly hug. Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing has been shown to be effective in helping people who are going through a number of very difficult situations.It is difficult to summarize the many benefits of EMDR, since so many people have had positive experiences with it.

Online Psychiatrist


For mental health issues, such as depression, trauma and anxiety, face-to-face therapy is important. It's the more intimate setting in which we can learn from each other and have a chance to heal together. But that doesn't mean you have to spend another hour or two of your time to travel, find parking, deal with the weather and your busy schedule to fit in a therapist visit.


Online counseling is one of the most popular forms of mental health therapy. It's an efficient use of scarce peoples' time, money and energy. I visit my clients at home or in their office. Being able to connect with you in your own surroundings is not only more efficient, but also helps me to learn more about how you live and work. In the experience of my clients, that really helps the recovery process.

With so many benefits, online mental health services often is more practical, better and cost-effective than regular office visits.

Executive Coaching


Through individualized executive coaching, you and I can identify your unique talents and your greatest strengths, developing customized strategies to help you maximize your potential.


Likewise, the evidence-based and psychology-driven practices of executive coaching also enable you and me to identify your individual challenges, those specific areas which may be undermining your professional success, blocking your path toward excellence.


And once we have identified those challenging areas, again, we can develop individualized, highly specific, and highly effective solutions to overcome them.

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